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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Family Promise A Success!

Our 1st Host Week was a success - no major problems were reported - Praise the Lord!! The families truly appreciated all the kindness expressed by our volunteers and were most grateful for the shelter of our new building and the delicious meals prepared by our many volunteers. Thank you again for ALL your contributions to this local outreach program!

Here is some feedback shared with Regan and I following our 1st week hosting experience:

Check with our Guests the week before our Host week to determine any meal requests. Share these requests with our volunteers preparing meals for our host week and ask they do their best to accommodate as many of the food items as reasonably possible. Our guests have so little control or influence in their daily living activities while in the Family Promise network, that giving them the opportunity to have input into their meal choices is truly a blessing. Regan and I will do our best to incorporate this task in our next host week planning.
Smoking Cessation Program - add an optional smoke enders type program for our guests to participate in during their stay in the Network that will help them quit this expensive and unhealthy habit. This will help our guests provide a healthier living environment for their children when they leave the network, as well as help improve their financial position. This feedback was shared with Brent Bohanan (network director) and he agreed to add this to the network's training program curriculum.

We truly appreciate your thoughts and opinions on how we can make your hosting experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Please let Regan and I know of any additional suggestions/feedback you would like to share from your recent experience.

May God Bless!

Regan Wooley
Dot Desjardin
Grayson UMC Family Promise Co-Coordinators


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